What Is EFT Tapping And How Can It Help Me Through My Divorce?

Chances are you have heard of EFT or tapping and have wondered how it can help you through your divorce. Tapping helps release stress, alleviate anxiety and provides you with a technique to help you deal with the stress of divorce and the financial aspects of it.

We work with clients using Emotional Freedom Technique because we understand how stressful and emotionally draining a divorce can be.

To appreciate the benefits of EFT Tapping, you need to understand what it is and how to do it.

I will be the first to tell you that I felt pretty silly doing EFT when I first learned how. To perform EFT, you will learn to “tap” on nine body-calming points. These points are on the face, hands and upper torso. When you’re tapping you will be thinking of the specific problem or “tapping target.” The areas on which you tap are also those used in acupuncture; they are located along the energy pathways in your body. Tapping releases the energy blocks and allows the body to naturally heal emotional and physical ailments.

What you learn through EFT is that you are physically tapping the target area while thinking of the specific problem or expressing an affirmation. Tapping will release the upsetting emotion and restore your body’s energy system.

Tapping won’t “solve” your problems, but it will help you feel safer and more in control of the divorce and your financial situation during the divorce. When performed correctly, tapping provides you a different perspective and helps you resolve any emotional upset that’s blocking your path to clear thinking. EFT opens the emotional pathways and helps shift the way you experience a situation.

Tapping can help alleviate stress from divorce

Emotional stress can contribute to illness. Anxiety leads to physical and emotional stress. Studies have shown tapping lowers the body’s blood levels of cortisol, the hormone related to a stress response. If you change your emotions and your mind, changes in your body will follow.

Learn more about how EFT can support your divorce recovery.


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