#DivorceSelfies: Divorce Mediation Can Keep It Friendly

Selfies are prevalent everywhere – from parties to amusement parks, to places where you shouldn’t be taking a selfie, to weddings and now the latest trend in selfies: #DivorceSelfies


We don’t have any judgment on whether a couple takes a selfie once they’ve finalized their divorce, but we do know that couples who work with a divorce mediator, even if it’s an online mediation, are more likely to have an amicable divorce than those who fight it out in court.

Divorce selfies are a trend of a couple take a selfie before, during and after the divorce process. They’re doing it to “honor” their divorce, they explain.

The changing face of divorce

How is it that a couple would pose, happily, for a selfie while they point to their ring-less fingers, hold up their divorce papers and appear genuinely happy? For many couples that we work with, they are determined to stay friends, whether for the children or for their own emotional well-being.

Couples today don’t look at their marriages as “wasted time with the wrong person.” They are viewing their marriages as a time they are grateful to have had together, the lessons they learned and at how they’ve grown. They don’t want to negate the years of their lives they spent with the person they are now divorcing. Frankly, it’s a mature attitude and one that will make moving forward easier.

We’re not saying divorce isn’t fraught with tension, frustration and fear of the unknown and of the future as a single person. What we do know though is that if the couple agrees to divorce mediation, they are working together toward an amicable solution. Couples who take their divorce to opposing attorneys have given up control of the process. The attorneys will speak on their behalf, the attorneys will help determine what is “fair and just.” In a divorce mediation process, the couple works together toward that fair and just outcome.

Will working with a divorce mediator have you and your now-ex spouse taking #DivorceSelfies, well, that’s a personal choice! Will working with a divorce mediator keep your divorce more amicable so you and your spouse walk away feeling more friendly than adversarial? We know that it will.

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