EFT Tapping for Healing from Divorce

Many of our divorcing clients struggle to release feelings of anger, hurt, shame and sadness, which hold them back from living their best lives. EFT Tapping for healing from divorce will guide you to transform and release these negative emotions. As you know, divorce can also bring up a lot of financial issues; we will also guide you through releasing the emotions that are blocking your ability to feel confident in your financial future.

What is EFT tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “tapping” is a practical body/mind self-help technique that is easy to learn.  It allows us to transform the way we respond to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and troubling memories. The tapping points utilize the same pathways found in traditional Chinese energy medicine while building on our ability to "tune-in" to our problem or issue. Whether it is used alone or together with an experienced practitioner, it can bring lasting relief.

EFT Practitioner, Leah Hadley

My Experience with EFT

EFT has had an incredible impact on my life. I learned about it quite unexpectedly years ago. I felt pretty silly doing it at first. However, I immediately felt how much just tapping alone calmed my body. I have struggled with serious anxiety since my early-20's. By practicing EFT, I learned to release the fears that used to keep me up at night and made it difficult to concentrate at work.

It has also helped me to heal from my past relationships and to finalize my divorce relatively unscathed. My first marriage ended after ten years, but I never felt like a failure. Instead, EFT allowed me to experience my divorce as empowering and transformational. It allowed me to get to the root of the issues and to forgive both myself and my ex-husband in a meaningful way. It has also made our post-divorce much more manageable for our children since he and I can communicate without negative emotions get the best of us.

After feeling how powerful EFT could be in my own life, I felt compelled to become a practitioner and share it with others. Since then, I continued my studies and completed the AAMET certification program. EFT Tapping for Healing from Divorce is a powerful way to let go of those stuck negative emotions related to your divorce. Not only will it help you heal, it will help you have a strong foundation for your next relationship.

How do I know if EFT Tapping for Healing from Divorce is right for me?

  • Are you considering or going through a divorce and need support clearing your head and feeling confident in your future?
  • Have you gone through a divorce and feel like your emotions are holding you back from a more fulfilling life?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety related to your divorce?
  • Are you are financially stuck or stressed about your financial future?
  • Are you looking for a deep healing experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, schedule your free consultation now.

Imagine what it would be like if:

  • You could heal from all of your painful emotional memories
  • You were free from the fears that hold you back and keep you up at night
  • You could see your divorce as a blessing and a new beginning rather than a source of hurt and anger
  • You could attract abundance that you have only dreamed of


“Thanks so much for your kindness! You showed up so loving and compassionate and nonjudgmental. I really felt that you cared about me and my issues."

Jo H, California 

"In just one EFT session with Leah, I was able to get over a negative financial memory back from when I was a child. This helped me in dealing with the money problems I was facing at that point in my life as well! I highly recommend Leah's EFT skills to benefit your well being!"

Liz Fisher, Ohio

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As a painter, you helped me find the imagery inside of me. You opened a door to sadness that I was physically holding onto in my body that I couldn't identify. Now that I can see it, I can work with it and start to heal."

Christy J, Michigan

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