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say by to spousal support deduction

Bye Bye, Tax Deduction: Why Some Are Forecasting a Spike in the Divorce Rate in 2018

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Jan 10, 2018

Say goodbye to the tax deduction for spousal support. It’s not like you go into your marriage planning for a divorce. Once one spouse (or both) determines that their marriage is over, it often takes years to fully accept and move toward legally ending it. However, that timeline might speed up this year for many.…

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stop arguing about shared parenting

Eliminate Shared Parenting Battles with OurFamilyWizard

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Jan 6, 2018

Parenting is a tough job in the best of circumstances. Shared parenting after a divorce is a whole different ballgame. When I first went through my divorce, dealing with the most basic kid issues felt like preparing for battle with my ex again and again. It was exhausting. Quite frankly, I did not want to contact…

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Financial settlement in divorce

Collaborative Divorce: The Benefits of using a Financial Neutral

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Jan 3, 2018

Divorces have a reputation for being messy and pitting couples at each other’s throats. Much of the controversy surrounding divorces stem from the allocation of assets and other financial concerns. You can reduce the associated stress when you use a Financial Neutral in collaborative divorce cases. What is a Collaborative Divorce? A collaborative divorce is…

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New Year's Financial Resolutions

Financial New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Tips to Reach Your Goals

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 27, 2017

Are you setting some New Year’s Resolutions? The New Year is an exciting time – it’s like we get a clean slate. For many of us, it’s a time of reflection on how we want to improve ourselves. It is very common to look at your financial situation and think, “I can do better than…

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Divorce mediation checklist

How to Prepare for Mediation: Divorce Mediation Checklist

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 19, 2017

In my online course, “How to Prepare for Divorce,” I go in depth on how to prepare for divorce and mediation, specifically, if that’s the process you choose to use. At a high level, here is a brief divorce mediation checklist to help you prepare for your first appointment. Divorce Mediation Checklist Divorce Mediation Checklist:…

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woman dealing with debt and divorce

Debt and Divorce: Understand Your Liability for Shared Debt

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 17, 2017

Are you faced with debt and divorce? Divorce can be scary but when you’re faced with debt and divorce, it becomes even more complicated. Know that you are not alone. Many couples find themselves knee deep in debt and have no idea what to do with it in their divorce.  The best option for shared…

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How to find hidden assets in a divorce

How to Find Hidden Assets During a Divorce

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your husband or wife is hiding assets? Do you want to know how to find hidden assets? Read on.  It’s an unfortunate truth but it’s common for individuals to hide assets during a divorce. While we may still want to think better of the person we married, it’s important to…

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preparing for divorce for business owners

Preparing for Divorce: Tips for Business Owners

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 4, 2017

Getting a divorce is complicated already. If you’re a business owner, things can really get tricky. Unless you set up a business protection plan prior to your marriage, you’re probably overwhelmed with the thought you could lose everything you worked hard for.  Here are some divorce tips for business owners to help navigate the business part…

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Tips for Recently Divorced Women

Expert Money Management Tips for Recently Divorced Women

By Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF | Dec 2, 2017

If you are recently divorced and managing money on your own for the first time, you are not alone. Many of the women who I work with are dealing with not only the stress of their divorce but also the need to become educated on their own personal finances. I was curious to get some…

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