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Facing Your Financial Fears

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Leah’s episodes for the summer/fall season will be an 8-part series on avoiding common financial mistakes when going through a divorce. The series includes in July "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 1: Failing to Consider Taxes Consequences of Asset Division" and "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 2: Not Working Together To Minimize Income Taxes," August "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 3: Focusing on Short-Term Needs and Neglecting Longer Term Financial Implications" and "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 4: Incorrectly Evaluating a Pension Plan," September "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 5: Not Insuring Spousal and/or Child Support" and "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 6: Not Filing Your QDRO in a Timely Fashion," and October "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 7: Keeping the House When You Don’t Have the Cash Flow to Maintain It" and "Common Divorce Mistakes Part 8: Misunderstanding Your Liability for Shared Debts."

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